Green space on the edge of the city centre

And now you get to see the view from the actual Royal Exhibition Building roof-top promenade (which has been closed for a long time).

Looking south from the the Royal Exhibition Building roof-top we can see the gardens that separate the building from the city centre. Melbourne is fortunate in having green space on most sides of the city centre, so this is far from being the only green space nearby. The head landscaper of these gardens lives on site in the cottage that was always intended for the head gardener (another building on the site still being used for its original purpose!)

This was shot on a Sony A1 with the Sony 24mm GM at f/8, 1/2000, ISO 1250 – I am a little surprised that auto-ISO chose an ISO that high, considering the brightness of the spring sunshine. This image is uncropped. You can get an idea of the scale from the size of the people walking around the circle.