Black and white photo of Sydney Tower (formerly called Centrepoint Tower) flanked between the Myer and Gowings buildings, taken from the Queen Victoria Building.

Emden Gun

Located in the south-east corner of Hyde Park facing Whitlam Square, this mounted, four-inch gun was recovered from the German ship SMS Emden. 

Patterned shadows

The sun passes through the awnings of the Surry Hills hotel and creates an interesting set of shadows on the footpath.

Masonic temple

What rituals have been held here? Who were the members? This building is located on Regent St next to the Mortuary Station.

Shared Zone

This shared road seems to be bisected into two by the strong shadow running across it.


Photo of a young wallaby in a tunnel, with a pensive looking face looking like it is expecting something.

Wait, Is This Food

This is a photo of a kangaroo looking up amongst a mob of feeding kangaroos, almost questioning the quality of what it is eating.

Are We There Yet

This is a picture of a mother kangaroo preparing to hop whilst the joey (baby kangaroo) pops its head out, seemingly to check where she is going.


A wander through the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) campus in Ultimo.

The Road Goes Ever On

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can.

Northbridge Baths

This is a secluded netted bathing area complete with a small beach along the Middle Harbour foreshore. I love how the wide angle perspective exaggerates the curves in the perspective view of the bath.

Into the dungeon

Modern day carparks can be quite scary places to navigate. This one seems to promise dangers as well as opportunities.

Look – Self Portrait

A shot of me taking a photo of the Dobell Memorial Sculpture at the intersection of Pitt and Spring streets in Sydney, with a pedestrian crossing with a “Look” sign reflected by the mirror-like finish of the sculpture.

What Lies Ahead

I wander through these tracks, chasing the memory of a rainbow. What lies ahead beyond the curve?

Gore Hill at Dusk

I took the opportunity to take a few photos along the Gore Hill cycleway from Lane Cove to Pacific Highway.