The wild dogs of Werribee

I am not fond of canids of any kind, and sometimes that bothers me, because I feel I should give them more time. This is their time! The African wild dogs at Werribee Open Range Zoo are often not active when I pass their enclosure, but today they were running about and posing for photographs (well, that’s what it felt like…). Late morning, with barely a cloud in the sky. I am fond of hard light, and you can see hard-edged shadows in many of these images. Every one of these dogs is orange and black and and white, but each has a different pattern.

Click on the gallery below to see the images in detail. These were shot with the new Sony 70-200mm on the A1 – this is my new favourite combination for taking to the zoo; it’s flexible, and this lens is really good. And it’s half the weight of the 200-600mm G (also a fine lens, but it gets rapidly heavier as the day goes on!).

These images were all shot at f/2.8, 1/2000, letting auto-ISO balance the exposure between shade and sun. These images were shot at a variety of focal lengths, and most of these are cropped.