WordPress Workshop for Photographers (To be rescheduled)

Would you like to learn to build your own website and host it yourself – including your own domain name and web server (free for first year, after that you decide)? Stop relying on web design agencies and paying lots of money to web hosting providers. It’s all doable – within a day. Attend our practical, hands on workshop and you will walk out with your very own website up and running!

Our full day workshop led by Chris Tham will teach you the following:

  • Create an account and set up your very own cloud-hosted website server running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is free for the first year, then after that you can decide to continue on AWS, or choose a different cloud provider, or let us manage your website for you 
  • Install WordPress on your server
  • Choose and purchase a domain name (or bring along an existing one) 
  • Choose a theme
  • Create your home page
  • Create your first post
  • Create a portfolio gallery of your images 
  • Advanced tips and tricks (search engine optimisation, landing pages, event management, e-commerce)

You will leave the workshop with a fully working web site, which you can continue to enhance and develop at your own time and pace.

In addition, you can book two 30 minute follow up sessions (over Skype or phone) for us to provide further help on how to enhance your website, address any issues you are running into, or just review your website and offer suggestions. These sessions may be booked anytime after the workshop up to a year post-workshop.

What You Need To Bring With You To The Workshop

  • Your personal Wi Fi enabled laptop and charger. Corporate (work) laptops are typically blocked to allow downloads and you will therefore experience issues which will be unable to assist you with. This workshop may not be suitable for iPads or tablet devices. 
  • Access to your email to enable you to create an account on AWS
  • Credit card to purchasing a domain name and for creating an account on AWS
  • Photos you want to host on the web site (bring on memory stick or preloaded to your laptop)
  • Any other content you wish to host on the web site; maybe you pre develop any wording you want to use on your website
  • Think about what domain name you would like, we suggest you look at porkbun.com to see what is available. PLEASE do not buy your domain name before the workshop, we will show you how to do this on the day
  • Think about the words you want to have on your website
  • Note this workshop is not suitable if you already own a domain name which you are unable to manage yourself

Workshop Agenda

9:00-9:30Introductions and objectives
9:30-10:30Setting up your account on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
10:30-11:00Morning Break
11:00-11:30Choosing and Buying a Domain Name
(indicative cost US$12 for one year for a .com domain)
11:30-12:30Creating your Web Server on AWS
using a Free Tier EC2 instance and Plesk Obsidian Web Admin Edition SE (free)
1:30-3:00Building Your WordPress Website
(choose a theme, homepage, blog post, photo gallery)
3:00-3:30Afternoon Break
3:30-4:30Advanced Tips and Tricks

What You Will Gain After The Workshop

  • Your very own web server that you fully control and own, with the ability to schedule your own backups. This is free for up to one year, after which you will decide whether to keep the web server on AWS or choose another web hosting or cloud provider (this will be discussed in detail on the day)
  • Your own domain name. An annual fee applies 12 months after you purchase the name, the fee set by your domain registration organisation; the fee typically around the same price you paid for your domain name
  • A working WordPress web site that you fully control and manage (including the ability to install plugins and themes of your choosing)
  • SSL-certified web server security
  • The ability to schedule automatic backups (depending on which option you choose, may incur additional charges)
  • Two follow up sessions to discuss any concerns or questions you may have post workshop. These sessions are conducted via Skype and needs to be scheduled in advance.

Special Offer to Attendees

If you do not wish to manage your own web server after the workshop, we can arrange to transfer your website to our very own Plesk server (based in Sydney) capable of hosting multiple web sites. You will have your own Plesk account that you can continue to use to manage and configure your website, but we can schedule and automate updates and backups for you.

Our Plesk server has a more powerful configuration than the free tier server you created in the workshop and is capable of hosting hundreds of websites. It is also running the full WordPress edition of Plesk Obsidian, which has more features than the free version of Plesk that we used in the workshop.

As a special offer to attendees, we can do the website migration at no additional cost. You will pay for the website hosting at a discounted rate of A$15 per month (payable annually in advance) for up to 10GB of storage. As a reference, managed WordPress web site hosting prices from other providers typically start at US$30 per month (for 10Gb of storage). At the discounted price, we do expect you to manage the website yourself through Plesk (but we can do updates and backups for you).

Apart from the above, what else is included?

  • Morning tea
  • Afternoon tea 
  • Lunch
  • Wi Fi 
  • Great company

Where is this being held?

Katherine Swan; fellow photographer and Country Director of Randstad New Zealand is kindly hosting this workshop at Level 14, 120 Albert Street, Auckland.

How many are in the workshop?

This workshop is limited to only 10 women.


You need to be conversant on the use of your personal laptop, including connecting to Wi Fi, navigating using web browsers, plus uploading and downloading files.

What is the cost?

For the whole day, which includes you learning how to build your own website, free one year hosting and two 30 minute support sessions and everything else we said above – the cost is only NZ$900.

  • If you cancel 30 days or less before the workshop, you will receive a refund, less a cancellation fee of NZ$100
  • If you cancel 30 days or more before the workshop, you will receive a full refund. 
  • All refunds are processed by way of bank transfer.

How do I pay?

You can choose to pay by credit card or bank transfer; your place at the workshop is confirmed on receipt of the workshop fee.

Questions & Bookings: Contact Lesley at lesley@lesleywhytephotography.co.nz or on mobile +64 27 4747 347

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

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Posted by Chris Tham

Chris Tham is a co-founder of Visual Voyager Pty Ltd, the Principal Voigtländer Ambassador for Mainline Photographics and a Workshop Instructor for Mainline Photo Academy. She brings over 35 years of experience as a photographer to her role, starting with a Yashica rangefinder belonging to her dad, joining the Photography Club in school, and developing her own photos. More recently, Chris has been taking photos during her travels, and as a result has experienced some of the most interesting places in the world. Chris focuses on nature, street, and urban architecture subjects in her photography.