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Exploring our 5km bubble

Exploring our 5km bubble

Chris Tham2020-10-192 min read
This is a series of articles on images captured within a 5 km radius from our house in Sydney, Australia. On 2 August 2020, a state of disaster was declared in Victoria due to the significant rise in COVID19 cases, and stage 4 restrictions were imposed on metropolitan Melbourne. As part of these restrictions, during […]
Floriade 2020

Floriade 2020

Chris Tham2020-10-151 min read
In 2020, Floriade has been reimagined (due to COVID-19) with the celebration moving from its traditional home in Commonwealth Park to bloom across Canberra.
Celebrating 21 years of Digital Photography: a new series

Celebrating 21 years of Digital Photography: a new series

Chris Tham2020-06-1710 min read
This is the first of a new series of articles celebrating a selection of photographs taken in the last 21 years, from the very first digital camera we purchased in 1999 (a Kodak DC-220) to the current portfolio of cameras that we use daily. Join us over the next few weeks as we trace a personal journey following the evolution of digital photography from infancy to the amazing camera technology available today.
Real Life Review: Voigtländer 50 mm/1:2 APO-Lanthar lens

Real Life Review: Voigtländer 50 mm/1:2 APO-Lanthar lens

Positivity2020-04-121 min read
This is a Real Life Review of the Voigtländer 50mm f2 lens with the Sony A7R IV. This lens is apochromatic and extremely sharp, making it very well suited to the A7R IV.
A new series: A Quiet Sydney

A new series: A Quiet Sydney

Chris Tham2020-03-271 min read
This series of posts show just how quiet the streets of Sydney and suburbs have become.

The first post features Chatswood Station, normally the fifth busiest station in Sydney (the first four are all stations in the Sydney Central Business District circle line). These photos were taken just after peak period on a Friday morning.
Real Life Review: Voigtländer 50 mm/1:3.5 Heliar Vintage M-Mount

Real Life Review: Voigtländer 50 mm/1:3.5 Heliar Vintage M-Mount

Chris Tham2020-01-141 min read
This is a Real Life Review of the Voigtländer 50mm f3.5 M-mount (VM) lens with the Leica M10. This is a unique lens featuring a classic or vintage look but a modern lens design.
Meta Article: Sydney Open Day 2019

Meta Article: Sydney Open Day 2019

Chris Tham2019-12-231 min read
Sydney Open is a weekend long celebration of architecture and exploring Sydney’s most inspiring and significant buildings and spaces. This year it seemed to be quite quiet with less people than previous years. However, I managed to bump into several people I knew – mainly ex-colleagues.

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Swain Gardens

ByByChris Tham2020-10-282 min read
ydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest. Significant Angophora costata (Sydney Red Gum), Eucalyptus pilularis (Blackbutt) and Syncarpia glomulifera (Turpentine) trees dominate this area.

Flat Rock Gully

ByByChris Tham2020-10-271 min read
We started on Wilksch’s Walk, named in honour of local resident Eric Wilksch for his efforts in lobbying Council to retain bushland in Flat Rock Gully. This takes us to Tunk’s Park and Cammeray Bridge. On the way back, we walked along Dawson Creek Track and visited Fatty Dawson Ruins, which are the remains of a sandstone house and garden. Mr Dawson ran a piggery above the house site in the 1870s. Stories say, the pig carcasses were rolled down the hill into the creek and that after rain sharks would circle in Long Bay.

Cordia Way

ByByChris Tham2020-10-271 min read
The Artarmon Link Path (Cordia Way) is a wide, gently undulating pedestrian/cycle path that runs from Shepherd Road to Artarmon Reserve (entering the reserve on the northern side next to the bowling club), following the original path of the creek (which is now underneath the concrete). The path continues around the field to join the Naremburn cycleway which runs under the freeway to Bicentennial Park.

Artarmon Reserve

ByByChris Tham2020-10-271 min read
Starting from a pedestrian tunnel underneath the rail line close to Artarmon Station, which is decorated with colourful murals, a short walk through a pleasantly wooded corridor next to the train line leads us to the oval. There are some sculptures of acorns near the oval.

Our Lady of Dolours

ByByChris Tham2020-10-271 min read
This is the Chatswood Catholic Parish Church, located quite close to the Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre. I have always admired this building and love taking photos of it at night.

North Willoughby Heritage Plaque walk

ByByChris Tham2020-10-201 min read
This is a tour through various Civic Heritage Commemorative Plaques that have been installed in order to commemorate the heritage of Willoughby. We started at the site of the Willoughby Tram Terminus (now a very pink pharmacy!), and walk through some heritage buildings along Penshurst St. Along the way, we stopped at the art deco Baby Health Centre, Pommy Lodge, Laurelbank Cottage, fire station, arts centre, public school, Trersillian, Telford Lane, Butt Park, the tannery (now bus depot), Albert Chowne Memorial Hall, Drill Hall and ended at George Brain Lane.

Creatures of Roseville

ByByChris Tham2020-10-201 min read
This is a special article featuring animals and wildlife I have encountered in the suburb I live in. Of course, many are pets (taken at the dog walking park near Roseville Oval) but occasionally birds and even a bat. Roseville Bridge used to host a bat colony but it looks like they have been driven out.

Little Digger Track

ByByChris Tham2020-10-201 min read
I discovered this by accident whilst walking around Roseville. It starts under the old oak tree on the corner of Roseville Avenue and Amarna Parade, Roseville, opposite Little Digger Park, and then follows Moore’s Creek until it hits the Roseville Golf Course. The track then breaks into Carlyle Road. It then resumes and joins with the Two Creek Track, but I did not walk that section.

The Churches of Roseville

ByByChris Tham2020-10-201 min read
Roseville has 4 churches that I know about – St Andrews, St. Barnabas, the Uniting Church and Luke’s Presbyterian (actually I discovered while writing this article there is a 5th called the New Church in West Roseville that I have never visited).


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