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Over the rooftop

To the north of the Royal Exhibition Building lies the Melbourne Museum. If you look closely, you can see between the Exhibition Building and the Museum a pair of slopping roof tops which cover the open space between the two – that open space is popular with skateboarders and skaters, because it feature flat concrete …
PositivityNov 8, 2022

Green space on the edge of the city centre

And now you get to see the view from the actual Royal Exhibition Building roof-top promenade (which has been closed for a long time). Looking south from the the Royal Exhibition Building roof-top we can see the gardens that separate the building from the city centre. Melbourne is fortunate in having green space on most …
PositivityNov 7, 2022

Rarely scene

Here is a scene rarely seen (yes, I made that terrible pun). The great hall of the Royal Exhibition Building empty – that’s a rare sight. It lets you appreciate the design of the roof structure, supporting long sheets of corrugated iron (so appropriate for an Australian building). I’m only showing you one side of …
PositivityNov 6, 2022

Things are looking up!

The Melbourne Museum has just opened a new experience. The Royal Exhibition Building, completed in 1880 for an international exhibition, has just finished the first stage of a major restoration, and a week ago they started taking small groups for a tour, starting at the Museum, strolling across the open space to the Exhibition Building, …
PositivityNov 5, 2022

It wasn’t me!

This lemur looks guilty, but denying it. This was shot on a Sony A1 with the Sony 135mm GM wide open at f/1.8, 1/2000, ISO 800. The shot is only slightly cropped, because I was not far from the lemur.
PositivityNov 3, 2022

Disheveled Kookaburra

While I was wandering through the zoo I noticed a kookaburra sitting on top of a sign. This was a bird passing through, although he or she was not in a hurry to move, even though being harassed by a smaller bird (I think the smaller bird was protecting a nest, and was bothered by …
PositivityNov 2, 2022
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Series: Vivid 2022

ByByChris ThamJun 1, 20221 min read
Vivid Sydney is an annual festival that celebrated its 12th year in 2022, Vivid Sydney fuses art, innovation and technology and features a set of light installations scattered around the city.

Series: Japan 2008-2018 Retrospective

ByByChris ThamAug 8, 20211 min read
This is a series of articles featuring photographs taken across several trips to Japan spanning 2008-2018.

Series: USA Film Retrospective

ByByChris ThamJul 1, 20211 min read
This is a series of articles featuring photographs mainly taken in 1990s using a variety of film cameras, ranging from compact cameras such as the Canon Sure Shot to SLRs such as the Pentax PZ-70.

Series: Reflections

ByByChris ThamMay 26, 20211 min read
This is a series of articles that feature reflections, or sometimes the absence of reflection.

Series: The Dams of Greater Sydney

ByByChris ThamMay 1, 20211 min read
This is a series of articles exploring the network of dams that provide water to Sydney.

Series: Exploring our 5km bubble

ByByChris ThamOct 19, 20202 min read
This is a series of articles on images captured within a 5 km radius from our house in Sydney, Australia. On 2 August 2020, a state of disaster was declared in Victoria due to the significant rise in COVID19 cases, and stage 4 restrictions were imposed on metropolitan Melbourne. As part of these restrictions, during …

Series: Floriade 2020

ByByChris ThamOct 15, 20201 min read
In 2020, Floriade has been reimagined (due to COVID-19) with the celebration moving from its traditional home in Commonwealth Park to bloom across Canberra.

Series: Celebrating 21 years of Digital Photography

ByByChris ThamJun 17, 202010 min read
This is the first of a new series of articles celebrating a selection of photographs taken in the last 21 years, from the very first digital camera we purchased in 1999 (a Kodak DC-220) to the current portfolio of cameras that we use daily. Join us over the next few weeks as we trace a personal journey following the evolution of digital photography from infancy to the amazing camera technology available today.

Series: A Quiet Sydney

ByByChris ThamMar 26, 20201 min read
This is a photographic series featuring how the city of Sydney has been impacted by the CoViD-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak.

Series: Sydney Open Day 2019

ByByChris ThamDec 23, 20191 min read
Sydney Open is a weekend long celebration of architecture and exploring Sydney’s most inspiring and significant buildings and spaces.

Series: Events

ByByChris ThamMay 1, 20191 min read
This is a series of articles featuring artistic and photography related events that we have attended.

Series: General

ByByChris ThamApr 1, 20191 min read
This is a series of general photography articles.

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