Eagle eyes – what is she looking at?

The wedge-tail eagle has extraordinary eyesight. Some reports are that a wedge-tail can see twice as far as a human; others go as high as eight times as far. So when a wedge-tail is looking at something, don’t be sure you will be able to see it!

The first person I showed the full frame to complained about a halo around the subjects. So I’m showing you the full frame and a 100% crop – there ain’t no halo! Yes, the sunlight is coming from our left, but there’s nothing artificial. This is a beautiful example of the bokeh we can get from the magnificent Sony 135GM lens at f/1.8 (this is one lens that deserves to be used wide open).

These images were shot with the Sony 135mm GM lens on a Sony A1, at ISO 800 f/1.8 1/2000 using bird eye autofocus (you can see the limpid clarity of the bird’s eye). The large frame is slightly cropped to 8192×5461, while the crop-in is at 100% is 2500×1648 – if you open it below you can see the pixels captured. Note that there is no sharpening of the 100% crop. Click to see the details.