Three Reflections

This is Apple Store in Sydney, with 3 convex mirrors that reflect the street scene in front of the store.

Waterfall Reflection

If you look at the picture, you can see the blue sky reflected in the water amongst the leaves which are behind the waterfall.

Window Reflection

The Dr. Chau Chak Wing Building in the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) houses the UTS Business School, and is the first building in Australia designed by Canadian American architect Frank Gehry.

Star Reflection

This is the atrium at the casino entrance to The Star, harbour facing side. The “rays” of the star structure is reflected multiple times in the glass of the atrium roof creating an interesting effect.

Escalator Reflection

This image was captured at the escalators in Westfield Sydney close to the corner of Elizabeth and Market streets,and offers a tantalising glimpse of what’s behind, as well as the street outside.

Tree Reflection

The magnificent Water Garden at Mayfield in NSW, captured in autumn. On the left is the red Japanese inspired bridge, on the right the Bluestone bridge and waterfall.

Pool Reflection

An illusion built into the design of this pool makes it seem the pool is actually part of a larger lake (situated below this pool).

Look – Self Portrait

A shot of me taking a photo of the Dobell Memorial Sculpture at the intersection of Pitt and Spring streets in Sydney, with a pedestrian crossing with a “Look” sign reflected by the mirror-like finish of the sculpture.