A wedge-tail eagle in flight

The wedge-tail eagle is a stark contrast to the nankeen kestrel. It’s the largest raptor in Australia, and this is not a small example of a wedge-tail – she is 4kg, and her black plumage makes it clear she is older than most.

I was asked to show a sequence of images of a bird in flight to demonstrate tracking against a busy background, and I thought these did that well.

These images were shot with the Sony 135mm GM lens on a Sony A1, at ISO 1000 f/1.8 1/2000 using bird eye autofocus for the entire sequence (the headline photo above was ISO 800, but otherwise the same). The sequence images are not cropped or edited in any way (the headline image is cropped).

Here is the sequence in a gallery that you can click on to see the details: