Cape Don

The Cape Don decorated with Christmas lights, located off the Coal Loader.

Food Truck

This food truck, captured during last light, has an interesting mural on the side.

Avon Dam

Avon Dam was the third and largest of the four dams constructed to collect water from the Illawarra Plateau. Created by damming the Avon River and completed in 1927, Avon Dam’s main role today is to supply water to the Illawarra region.

Get a room

These two flowers almost look as if they are tenderly touching and caressing each other.

Galactic Centre

They say the Galactic Centre contains many stars, all revolving around a supermassive black hole, surrounded by interstellar dust and molecular gas. Some stars explode and become supernovae, generating relativistic jets (beams of ionised matter).


I was asking myself this question when I saw this eclectic collection of books and plants on an alley near Reservoir St Surry Hills.


This feels like a steampunk portal into a different universe or dimension. It is actually a children’s playground, part of the Albert Sloss Reserve.

Wynyard Station

This is the new entrance to Wynyard Station from George St, Sydney, after refurbishment. The building containing this entrance has been renamed Brookfield Place.

Watch for Cyclists

I found this brightly painted car parking entrance with lots of warnings about cyclists. I wonder if this is a response to a prior incident.


Black and white photo of Sydney Tower (formerly called Centrepoint Tower) flanked between the Myer and Gowings buildings, taken from the Queen Victoria Building.

Tree of Life

Woman about to walk past chalk drawing of tree with Climate Jobs Guarantee supporters in the background.

Flower Boxes

This set of flower boxes are located in front of the Sydney Town Hall and faces into the light rail at George St, Sydney.

Emden Gun

Located in the south-east corner of Hyde Park facing Whitlam Square, this mounted, four-inch gun was recovered from the German ship SMS Emden.