Over the rooftop

To the north of the Royal Exhibition Building lies the Melbourne Museum. If you look closely, you can see between the Exhibition Building and the Museum a pair of slopping roof tops which cover the open space between the two – that open space is popular with skateboarders and skaters, because it feature flat concrete slabs, and they can (and do) practice their craft without harassment.

This shot looks over one of the shorter expanses of roof. It seems so appropriate for an Australian building to be roofed in corrugated iron. You’ve seen the underside of another stretch of roof in an earlier shot. It’s quite clear that the restoration has finished with this stretch of roof, because there isn’t any trace of rust.

Beyond the Museum building is another section of the gardens, then inner city suburbs.

It was a lovely day to be taking photographs from the rooftop, with a scenic pile of fluffy white clouds. as a backdrop. Trust me, those are not Photoshopped into this image – that’s exactly what they looked like!

This was shot on a Sony A1 with the Sony 24mm GM at f/8, 1/2000, ISO 320. This image is cropped vertically to remove some empty clear blue sky.