Rarely scene

Here is a scene rarely seen (yes, I made that terrible pun).

The great hall of the Royal Exhibition Building empty – that’s a rare sight. It lets you appreciate the design of the roof structure, supporting long sheets of corrugated iron (so appropriate for an Australian building).

I’m only showing you one side of the building, because I am standing under the central dome and looking to one side; it extends as far in the other direction, too.

The restoration work is continuing (there is still damage visible on the right), but it looks quite impressive for a building which has past its 140th birthday, and has a long and varied history (some of which you will learn about if you take the new “Royal Exhibition Building Promenade Tour”, which I recommend).

This was shot on a Sony A1 with the Sony 24mm GM at f/8, 1/1000, ISO 12800. I have cropped it a little on the edges, and I lifted the black level to show a bit more detail.