Series: Vivid 2022

Vivid Sydney is an annual festival that celebrated its 12th year in 2022, Vivid Sydney fuses art, innovation and technology and features a set of light installations scattered around the city.

Vivid returns to Sydney in 2022 after a hiatus of two years due to COVID-19 restrictions. Vivid Sydney will be on from Friday 27 May until Saturday 18 June, from 6pm – 11pm.

There are over 64 installations stretching from the Sydney Opera House across Circular Quay, the Rocks, Walsh Bay, Barangaroo and ending at Central Station. In addition there are a number of isolated installations at places such as Taronga Zoo and Carriageworks.

The following images were captured on opening night:

vivid sydney 2022

Vivid 2022 at Circular Quay

Chris ThamJun 3, 20221 min read
2022 will see both sides of Sydney Harbour Bridge emblazoned with hundreds of colour changing lights. In a ribbon of light, colours pulse from the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge across its world-famous span, through The Rocks, around Circular Quay and onto the Sydney Opera House forecourt.
ephemeral oceanic (sisu atelier)

Vivid 2022: Ephemeral Oceanic

Chris ThamJun 5, 20222 min read
Ephemeral Oceanic is created by Atelier Sisu from Australia and feature a set of illuminated spheres floating on Walsh Bay between Piers 1 and 2/3.
celestial (studio john fish)

Vivid 2022: Celestial

Chris ThamJun 7, 20221 min read
Celestial is created by Studio John Fish from Australia. It resembles a planet with rings around it.

Vivid 2022: Chronoharp

Chris ThamJun 13, 20221 min read
Chronoharp is created by Amigo & Amigo in collaboration with Otis Studios from Australia.
a mirrored city

Vivid 2022: A Mirrored City

Chris ThamJun 15, 20222 min read
A Mirrored City is created by WITCH+GHOST from Australia and feature a set of illuminated sculptures depicting various aspects of Sydney.
bump in the night

Vivid 2022: Bump in the Night

Chris ThamJun 17, 20221 min read
Bump in the Night is created by James Dive from Australia and feature a peaceful campsite, or is it?

Vivid 2022: Resonance

Chris ThamJun 19, 20222 min read
Resonance is created by Studio John Fish from Australia and feature an array of convex mirrors.
wild lights

Vivid 2022: Wild Lights

Chris ThamJun 21, 20221 min read
Wild Lights features a set of light installations and projection at Taronga Zoo.

Vivid 2022: contact

Chris ThamJun 23, 20221 min read
Internationally celebrated light artist Sam Whiteside will take over the entrance of Carriageworks with his immersive lighting installation titled ‘contact’.

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