Five Dams in a Day

It is possible to visit 5 dams in the south east of Sydney in one day, with careful planning and an early start.


A group of cows wandered up a country road and prevented our car from passing through.

Barraba Silo Art

Barraba Silo Art by Fintan Magee is part of a series of art works painted on silos located around Australia, and is located on the outskirts of the town of Barraba in New South Wales.

To Another World

The horizontal escalator connecting Hyde Park to the Domain Car Park always make me feel as if I am travelling to another world.

Ladies Powder Room

Two years after Covid-19, the Ladies Powder Room on the third level (normally bustling with people pre Covid) is still empty.

Three Reflections

This is Apple Store in Sydney, with 3 convex mirrors that reflect the street scene in front of the store.

Entering the Future

This is the entrance to Wynyard Walk from Barangaroo. For some reason, this part of Sydney always seemed futuristic to me.