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Japan: Hamarikyu Garden

Hamarikyu Gardens is a special garden with a tidal pond and a chequered history, located at the mouth of the Sumida River as it enters Tokyo Bay.
Chris ThamAug 12, 2021

A wedge-tail eagle in flight

The largest eagle in Australia is the wedge-tail eagle.
PositivityAug 11, 2021

Japan: Trains

Mention Japan, and a lot of people will associate it with Shinkansen (bullet trains). Trains of various kinds are a major mode of transport both within and across cities.
Chris ThamAug 10, 2021

A nankeen kestrel in flight

Small and fast, this is a hard bird to photograph!
PositivityAug 9, 2021

Series: Japan 2008-2018 Retrospective

This is a series of articles featuring photographs taken across several trips to Japan spanning 2008-2018.
Chris ThamAug 8, 2021

A nankeen kestrel can hover!

A nankeen kestrel can hover above prey.
PositivityAug 7, 2021

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