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Our Lady of Dolours

ByByChris Tham2020-10-271 min read
This is the Chatswood Catholic Parish Church, located quite close to the Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre. I have always admired this building and love taking photos of it at night.

North Willoughby Heritage Plaque walk

ByByChris Tham2020-10-201 min read
This is a tour through various Civic Heritage Commemorative Plaques that have been installed in order to commemorate the heritage of Willoughby.

Creatures of Roseville

ByByChris Tham2020-10-201 min read
This is a special article featuring animals and wildlife I have encountered in the suburb I live in.

Little Digger Track

ByByChris Tham2020-10-201 min read
I discovered this by accident whilst walking around Roseville.

The Churches of Roseville

ByByChris Tham2020-10-201 min read
Roseville has 4 churches that I know about – St Andrews, St. Barnabas, the Uniting Church and Luke’s Presbyterian.

Ferndale Park

ByByChris Tham2020-10-191 min read
Ferndale Park is a long and narrow 9.8 hectare remnant bushland reserve that is surrounded by residential properties, located within the Lane Cove River catchment, Chatswood.

Beauchamp Park

ByByChris Tham2020-10-191 min read
Beauchamp Park is our local park, situated in the upper park of the Scotts Creek sub-catchment.

Harold Reid Reserve

ByByChris Tham2020-10-191 min read
The Harold Reid reserve consists of a sandstone hill called The Sugarloaf located on a headland, sandwiched between Crag Cove and Castle Cove and facing into Sugarloaf Bay and then onto Middle Harbour.

Down the Street

ByByChris Tham2020-10-191 min read
This is a quick walk down the street to the industrial area close to Roseville Chase.


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