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Ferndale Park

ByByChris Tham2020-10-191 min read
Ferndale Park is a long and narrow 9.8 hectare remnant bushland reserve that is surrounded by residential properties, located within the Lane Cove River catchment, Chatswood. Swaines Creek runs through the centre of the park with many stormwater drains from nearby roads and properties feeding into it. A major sewer line runs parallel with the creek with a series of sewer overflow points found along the creek line. Water from the creek flows into the adjacent Chatswood Golf Course before draining into the Lane Cove River.

Beauchamp Park

ByByChris Tham2020-10-191 min read
Beauchamp Park is our local park, situated in the upper park of the Scotts Creek sub-catchment. There is a sports oval here which is also used by many dog owners exercising their dogs in the afternoon. The area south of the park has a playground and many interesting flowering plants.

Harold Reid Reserve

ByByChris Tham2020-10-191 min read
The Harold Reid reserve consists of a sandstone hill called The Sugarloaf located on a headland, sandwiched between Crag Cove and Castle Cove and facing into Sugarloaf Bay and then onto Middle Harbour. Castle Cove is named after Innisfallen Castle (also called Willis Castle because it was built by Henry Hastings Willis, a prominent member of the Parliament of New South Wales at the time).

Down the Street

ByByChris Tham2020-10-191 min read
This is a quick walk down the street to the industrial area close to Roseville Chase. Of course, there are no heavy industries here, so it’s mainly a few car maintenance service centres and some warehouses. As it is spring, there are still plenty of flowers in nearby reserves and on the footpath. I came back by following Scotts Creek into Muston Park. I encountered a cockatoo busy eating – it didn’t seem to mind me at all. On the way back, I encountered another parrot also busy eating but it was high up on the trees.

Blue Gum Reserve

ByByChris Tham2020-10-192 min read
This is the closest walking track to our house, a mere block away in Chatswood West. The track swiftly descends into Blue Gum creek, and past the Scout Hall meanders in the gully where the creek flows and can be a bit difficult to navigate at times. Climbing out of the gully will take your breath away, and not just because of the views.


ByByChris Tham2020-10-191 min read
We start our 5km bubble exploration simply by walking around the suburb we live in. Our walk takes in the leafy streets of East Roseville and returning via Roseville shops.

National Museum of Australia

ByByChris Tham2020-10-151 min read
The Floriade boxes are contains bulbs and annuals blooming under the museum’s signature entry sculpture, and complements the Garden of Australian Dreams.

Street Art

ByByChris Tham2020-10-151 min read
We found a fascinating lane called Tocumwal Lane in Canberra that leads into a square that is full of street art.


ByByChris Tham2020-10-151 min read
We explored the Canberra city centre on our last day visiting Floriade. On the corner of Lonsdale and Elouera streets in Braddon, there are colourful boxed displays that rival the vibrancy of the rainbow roundabout that adorns Lonsdale Street.


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